Vintage Chocolate Lounge ‘Chocolates as Extraordinary as Dubai!’

Main PhotoThe expertise to be found at the Vintage Chocolate Lounge lies in the sheer enthusiasm for the exquisite taste of luxury speciality chocolates, which are as rich, dramatic, unashamedly opulent and unique as the spectacular architecture of the company’s host city, Dubai. What is interesting, though, is how that enthusiasm came about, and how it led founder and owner Alanood Al Mulla on a journey to becoming a true connoisseur of chocolate.

“Chocolate is my passion,” says Alanood, who dreamed of making a product that was as visually stunning as it was delicious, “and my idea for the Vintage Chocolate Lounge starting forming when I was doing my MBA… my graduate project was chocolate!”

Third ParagraphThe Vintage Chocolate Lounge opened its first outlet in the Gold Souq area of Dubai Mall in 2008, but has since moved to a new location in the mall, opposite the Reel Cinema complex, allowing it to cater much better for the ever-increasing demand for high quality chocolate, both in terms of ingredients and taste. Cocoa and sugarcane are the only two unprocessed ingredients used, with the traditional production methods setting the company apart from the over-processed ingredients of the modern chocolate industry.

Forth Paragraph1“We now have two outlets,” explains Alanood, “Dubai Mall and JBR, and we offer a wide selection that covers everything from chocolate treats, chocolate sushi and soufflé through to a range of coffees and freshly made sandwiches.”

“Creating exciting new recipes and experimenting with different ingredients is fascinating,” says Alanood, “but there is also the ‘hardware’ side of the business, and for that we turned to leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer and supplier Al Halabi.”

Displaying chocolate correctly is one of the food industry’s bigger challenges: it requires the right temperature (12-15 degrees) and low humidity (less than 50%); exposure to temperatures that are too high, for instance, can cause ‘bloom’, an unpleasant cloudy gray colour. It’s harmless, but in an age where people buy with their eyes it’s not welcome!

“We are very pleased with our relationship with Al Halabi,” Alanood comments. “The equipmForth Paragraphent supplied is outstanding, and they offer excellent customer service. We    Forth Paragraphwill certainly stay with Al Halabi as we expand.”

Last ParagraphSo go on, tantalise your taste buds: get down to the Vintage Chocolate Lounge – you won’t regret indulging in the delicious offerings produced by this premier chocolatier.


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