‘Today’s Kitchen Leader, Tomorrow’s Kitchen Innovator’

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Family businesses are often more nimble and innovative than their non-family counterparts, since management and employees tend to engage with each other openly and feedback is encouraged and recognised. This is definitely the case at Al Halabi, the region’s most successful commercial kitchen designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer, with General Manager Khalid Al Halabi commenting: “We all just want to get the job done to the best of our ability and to the client’s complete satisfaction”

Second ParagraphMost agree that this approach to business is positive and refreshing, but there can be a downside. Family businesses that lack structure may suffer from impaired decision making, diminished objectivity and resistance to change—three factors that spell trouble for any company. Al Halabi was not about to fall into this trap though, with Khalid explaining: “We had ineffective management as such in the beginning, so I began to construct finance, accountancy, operations and sales departments, as well as a system that encompassed everything from the initial quotation through to delivery and installation. It has helped to turn a traditional family business into a thriving company that is active throughout the MENA region.”

Third ParagraphHaving been with the company for approximately 16 years, Khalid has seen a lot of changes and considerable growth: “We have opened new branches in Bahrain and Oman, expanded our business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and launched a new showroom in Al Ain,” he says.

PrintHowever, this is not a company to rest on its laurels, and there are plenty of plans in the pipeline to encourage ongoing growth in the future. “It’s an exciting time,” says Khalid. “We will be opening two new showrooms in Dubai and Sharjah, expanding throughout the Gulf, increasing productivity, and looking to attract additional industry professionals, probably from Europe. We are still very much a family business, but I see Al Halabi evolving into a group of companies to create an even bigger family!

Last Paragraph“Our commitment to helping our clients achieve success is absolute. Drawing upon our unparalleled experience in working with catering businesses across virtually all sectors, including restaurants, cafes and hotels, we take a comprehensive and integrated approach in order to ensure solutions that are practical, cost-effective and of the very highest quality,” Khalid concludes.

By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-hal    abi.com

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