‘The Stick Blender with the ‘Wow’ Factor!’

  Main PhotoFrench food preparation equipment specialist Robot-Coupe has been pushing back boundaries for more than 40 years, designing and manufacturing a wide range of machines for discerning professional caterers throughout the world. It is a company renowned for its innovation too, so we spoke to Area Manager Olivier Pestel to find out about Robot-Coupe’s latest product developments.

Second ParagraphRobot-Coupe’s latest stick blender, the ultra-compact MicroMix, will wow you with the quality of the emulsions made with its specially designed ‘Aeromix’ accessory,” Olivier explains. “With this exciting new patented piece of equipment, you can instantly produce light and airy emulsions that really hold their shape. Switch to the blade accessory, and your MicroMix will make all your favourite soups and sauces in a trice, thanks to its powerful and ultra-quiet motor. Ruggedly constructed from stainless steel, the tube and tools are really built to last.”

Robot-Coupe is also known for its ‘green’ credential, investing heavily in the research and development of it machines in order to maximise their performance and the limit the consumption of energy. “The constant application of new technology to proven know-how enables us to guarantee the excellent energy efficiency of our machines,” Olivier says.

Forth ParagraphMoreover, Robot-Coupe constantly strives to reduce the quantity of packaging and favours the use of recycled materials, thus cutting-down on the use of fossil fuels. “100% of our products are repairable,” Olivier continues. “Robot Coupe undertakes to keep spare parts available for machines for a minimum of 10 years. Furthermore, all of our products are recyclable up to 95% and we participate in industry wide schemes to collect and recycle in many markets.”

Robot Coupe has been active in the Gulf region for more than three decades, and has strong brand awareness amongst catering professionals. “Our customers, for instance, regularly say that only a Robot Coupe machine can make good hummus,” Olivier says.

Robot Coupe customers have different profiles, including pastry shops, juice bars, schools, catering companies and hotels, and is continually looking at new developments, as Olivier explains: “Every year we are improving our products with technical details. We continue to listen closely to chefs through our worldwide sales team, and that helps us to develop new concepts and manufacture new products!”

Last ParagraphOf course, in the Gulf it is necessary to have a partner that understands the local market, as well as having the ability to fuel presence and brand recognition, and Robot Coupe has the best … Al Halabi. “For many years, Al Halabi has been one of the top kitchen equipment suppliers and manufacturers, not only in UAE but in the whole region, and working alongside them has opened up doors to high quality end users in terms of five-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and much more. We work closely with Al Halabi’s sales staff by visiting end users together, helping to commission the machines, and training the end users’ kitchen staff on Robot Coupe machines. We are confident of a great future and good growth with Al Halabi, especially with the expansion plan they started a couple of years ago. We couldn’t be happier with our partner in the Gulf!” concludes Olivier.

For Robot Coupe Machines Enquiries please visit http://www.al-halabi.com/4-47-189/models-VegetablePreparationMachine-RobotCoupe.aspx

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com




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