‘The Perfect Pizza Oven has arrived’

MAin PhotoHow do you make the perfect pizza? This is the eternal question asked by restaurants, hotels, cafes and other catering outlets throughout the world. And it’s a question that must be answered, because few other foods can offer the intense, primal satisfaction of traditional Italian pizza.

Third ParagraphThere are, of course, a few clues when looking for the perfect pizza. Some chefs claim getting the salsiccia, basilico and Sicilian broccoli through customs is one of the biggest challenges! But all chefs will admit that the first prerequisite is a great oven. Delicious pizza, and especially a great crust, cannot be achieved without one.

The good news for caterers in the Middle East is that Al Halabi, the region’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, is offering a new and quite unique product – the ‘Voltaire’, from Italian company OEM.


Fifth ParagraphA single chamber gas oven that makes pizzas as crispy as if they were baked in a wood oven (but without the risk of micro-organisms, burning and excess humidity), the Voltaire has four different solutions to suit every type of catering establishment: Classic, Pompei, Ravenna, and Ravenna Mosaico. Because in addition to an oven that can cook up to 130 pizzas in an hour, the Voltaire offers a real sense of style, with classic, modern and traditional finishes that include a wide range of tiles (all manufactured from stone near to OEM’s factory in Lombardy, Italy) and colours.



Corrado Silvestri, export manager for OEM Ovens, explains: “We are very proud of this oven. It provides higher productivity thanks to its thick insulation layer and faster temperature recovery, as well as being very cost-effective: due to upper and lower adjustable burners, the heat distribution and consumption of gas is optimised. Using around just 2.23 metres of gas per hour, it is highly competitive, even compared to electric ovens.

“Aside from its exceptional performance, the Voltaire range is a dream for interior designers, with the finish limited only by the imagination. We have recently installed a pizza oven in a night club in Cairo, for instance, which is decked out in stainless steel and black, so when the lights catch it, it looks incredible!”

Last ParagraphThe Voltaire range offers everything you could wish of a pizza oven … and much more besides. And you can now view the Voltaire at Al Halabi’s Dubai showroom which, as Corrado Silvestri says “is the best place in the Gulf for professional caterers in terms of product diversity and service.” And we would not be surprised if, over the next few weeks, those caterers found themselves rubbing shoulders with art critics!

For any pizza ovens inquiry, please email us on sales@al-halabi.com

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