“ The New ULTRA Blast Chiller/Freezer Line”

Untitled-1Sagi, the leading Italian producer of professional refrigerated equipments is pride to announce that the new ULTRA blast chiller – freezer line will be standard supplied withtwo NEW automatic programs specifically developed for the “sanitation” of raw fish, Anisakis 24h and Anisakis 15h

The menus trend for dishes made with raw fish (tuna carpaccio, seafood tartards, marinated anchovies, sushi, sashimi, raw marinated mackerel morsels ….) finds a perfect solution in terms of quality and safety with the above mentioned new Ultra programs, that show and confirm the constant attention paid by the Sagi Company to the market trends and Chef’s needs.

The new cycles have been tested and validated in cooperation with the University of Naples Federico II – Department of Animal Science and Food Inspection – Inspection Section and Food Research Laboratory Fellow at the Pozzuoli wholesale fish market.

The goal of this cooperation with organizations and structures specially experienced in the fish world, has been that to develop and create these two automatic cycles for Anisakis, 24h at -20 ° and 15h at -35° that could both comply with current legislation (Regulation EC 853/2004 and subsequent amendments) and be safe, tested, extremely simple and really user friendly.

SYRIO 01_2013_PIt is important to remember, also, that as far as frozen products are concerned, in accordance with Annex III, Section VIII of Regulation (EC) No. 853/2004, there is no indication of ‘defrosted’ product.
This is an important achievement in the quality & safety of the food preparation (especially in the Fish & Sushi Restaurants) and these new machines will enhance even more the high standard of our clients!


“by al Halabi Ref & Kitchen Equiment www.al-halabi.com


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