‘The Ideal Business Partner’

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Bill Gates once said, “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” Partnerships are that important. That’s why at Al Halabi they have gone out of their way to attract and retain business partners with the same standards, ethics and commitment to quality workmanship as themselves, and in doing so have struck-up long-term mutually beneficial relationships with some of the Middle East’s most respected and sought after interior designers and consultants.

The institution of marriage gets considerably more attention than the institution of business relationships. But the benefits of working together – of finding a strong and trusted partner – are extraordinary. Partnerships encourage commonsense, a shared purpose, and robust ethics. Interior designers, for instance, like to work with companies that are very precise when it comes to schedules and deadlines, as well as having the ability to offer superior quality, first-rate layouts, and a deep understanding of energy and space savings.

It is a two-way street too; partners help each other. So while Al Halabi gains considerable business from its partners, the reverse is also true – its partners gain a significant amount of business from Al Halabi. It all comes down to trust and professionalism, with all parties relying on their solid reputations for excellence across-the-board.

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Whether it be MEP work, bespoke manufacturing of commercial kitchen equipment, high quality installation, or any one of the dozens of other products and services Al Halabi offers, its attention-to-detail is unrivalled. That why so many companies now choose to partner with it, be they interior designers and consultants or restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

Is doing business with a partner better than going at it alone? Al Halabi would answer yes. Nothing in business is more rewarding. There’s something about finding business partner that continues to impress and excite you: you look at them and say, “Wow! This company is amazingly talented, and we’re so privileged to be working with them.”

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So to all of our business partners out there, we say “thank you!” Here’s to many more years of mutual success and exceeding customer expectations.


  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com


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