‘The Amazing Rise of Sushi in Dubai’

Main Photo 1Sushi has become a global phenomenon in recent years; as Japanese culture inspired our decor in the 1990s, so Japanese cuisine is inspiring our taste buds now. As ‘gastronomes’, we have been educated to appreciate more delicate flavours, including umami, the professed ‘5th taste’, which is described as ‘intense savouriness’.  So it is no surprise that sushi restaurants in Dubai have become ubiquitous, combining the best of two worlds – Japan’s sushi tradition and the U.A.E.’s modern, multi- cultural present.

Second ParagraphBeing Dubai, cultures and concepts mingle too, so it is not unusual to see a restaurant offering Italian pizza alongside its sushi. But whether you seek fusion or traditional, the options are growing almost daily, with three of the most popular restaurant brands being Sumo Sushi, Chez Sushi, and Sho-Cho. And they all have one thing in common; they rely upon the experience and expertise of the MENA region’s most respected commercial kitchen designer, manufacturer and installer, Al Halabi.

Third ParagraphSo what exactly is a sushi kitchen? Well, in many ways it is like any other commercial kitchen, with griddles, cookers, Bain Marie, preparation areas, cold rooms and chillers. However, preparing sushi is also pure theatre, and most restaurants prepare and serve their dishes live in front of their customers. This calls for specially designed front counters and chilled preparation areas, before the food is, more often than not, placed on a moving belt for delivery to the diner. It is a fascinating cuisine which requires the very finest equipment, with Al Halabi providing the complete package, including ongoing maintenance.

Last ParagraphSushi could be providing more than a tasty meal too, with scientists believing that it is one of the reasons why the Japanese are among the healthiest people in the world. It is a culinary concept that is known for its purity and health benefits, whilst the visual impact and composition of the various dishes completes a cuisine which truly satisfies all of the senses.

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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