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The High Performance cooking range from Mareno is the ultimate kitchen partner, fit for the very latest food trends, says Donna Brown

For over 50 years, Mareno has been synonymous with quality professional kitchens. It has now created a new line of equipment, High Performance, with specialized appliances that ensure high productivity. It will, say Mareno, change the way you cook.

“The restaurant world is in constant evolution and there is an ever greater need for specialized equipment,” says Fabrizio Rocco, managing director of Mareno. “The High Performance line was designed to satisfy the needs of large-scale catering and modern commercial food services. It is a concentration of technology that ensures high volumes and impeccable quality.”

With HP cooking ranges you can cook, roast, fry or pressure cook, while saving time and space. Thanks to even heat distribution, food doesn’t stick and cooking results are uniform and consistent. Easy-to-use, these machines are suitable for even non-specialized personnel in businesses with high turnover.

Fifth PAragraphThe HP cooking range is compact, robust and offers high performance and speed all in a small footprint. The range occupies up to 50% less space than traditional ranges. “This is especially significant data for quick service restaurants like delis, kebab, sandwich and hamburger shops. These businesses are more and more common and the trend is to rent small spaces because rent and running costs are high,” adds Rocco.


The star of the HP line

The HP line is composed of a series of machines that can be grouped by category:


Three independent cooking zones for electric or gas fry-tops to differentiate types of cooking and to take advantage of every square centimetre of surface and guarantee uniform results. The plate, robust and powerful, allows you to cook frozen products directly in a short space of time without loosing water and humidity. There are two holes to drain fat into two three-litre drawers, so it is not necessary to clean the top between cooks.


The gas grill allows for safe cooking without burning foodstuffs. The four cast-iron gas burners are robust and reliable and are designed to work 24 hours a day. The cook surface is divided into four areas to be able to manage and cook different foods at the same time.


Powerful and boasting high performance, the fryer has an automatic filter system that guarantees superior cooking quality with greater duration of oil and lower costs. This system is incorporated into the fryer and has a pump that makes filling the pan easy and safe for the user.


The powerful hob is divided into four separate 4kW cooking areas with surface temperature adjustments from 50° to 400°C. The various areas can be set to different temperatures and pans can be moved to achieve the best in cooking performance or foods may also be cooked directly on the cooking surface.


Ideal for putting finishing touches to dishes, making gratins or reheating food. The touch panel is easy to use, shows the temperature and cooking mode and has a library to store preferred programs or cooking cycles.

Refrigerated bases, freezers and stands

These essential kitchen elements complete the HP line. The freezers and refrigerators are equipped with two easily accessible, removable drawers on telescopic guides. The refrigeration is ventilated with electronic temperature control, electric defrost in the freezer version and shut-down defrost in the refrigerated version. It also comes with an automatic defrosting water evaporation device.


Facts and figures

Powerful and versatile: high volume and menu variety

Compact: occupies 50% less space /footprint reduced by 50%

Independent cooking areas allow for different types of cooking

Low energy consumption: night mode uses only 12kW

The integrated probe measures the exact temperature at the heart of your dish

Uniform cooking, impeccable results

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