Saj & Crepe ‘A Cafe with Extraordinary Lebanese Cuisine’

Main PhotoEven by the world-class standards set by Dubai’s army of cafes and restaurants, Saj & Crepe is unique, combining an intriguing atmosphere with excellent French and Lebanese food; Beirut, after all, was known as the Paris of the Middle East.

Second ParagraphA unique cultural history has helped to make Lebanese food the most popular in the region and, with a menu of recipes honed in Beirut, Saj & Crepe provides an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience, including something you don’t often find in Dubai, the crepe. In fact, the menu is extremely inviting, taking in everything from delicious flatbread and rice through to manakish, salads, wraps, juices, smoothies and brownies.

Third ParagraphOf course, setting up a professional Lebanese kitchen with all of the right ovens, griddles, refrigeration and preparation areas is not a simply task, That’s why Saj & Crepe called in Al Halabi, as Francois al Khoury explains: “They are undoubtedly the best in Dubai. I have many friends in the catering industry and quite a number of them have had problems with other commercial kitchen manufacturers and suppliers, but over the last four years we have opened two branches and have had no problems whatsoever!”

Fourth ParagraphAt the heart of the Saj & Crepe offering is a special thin bread that is used for making wraps, and this requires a dedicated Lebanese bread oven called “SAJ”. This is the first thing Al Halabi was asked about. “There was no problem,” says Francois, “the service we received was very good from the word go … and the finishing on all of the items we acquired from Al Halabi was really excellent.”

It’s not just the ovens, refrigeration and other commercial catering equipment that has impressed the team at Saj & Crepe though; it is also the level of customer service. “On one occasion we made a call to Al Halabi very late in the event because we had a small problem; their engineers arrived very early in the morning the following day,” Francois said, obviously pleased with the rapid response time.

“We’re not going anywhere else!” he concludes.

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