‘Rotisserie Comes to Dubai!’

Main PhotoYou thought Dubai had everything? Well it does now! Harot’s is the emirate’s very first rotisserie restaurant and, opening for the first time just over a month ago, has set the catering world alight with its amazing concept and truly delicious food.

Second ParagrahAn authentic Mediterranean restaurant, Harot’s offers a wide and tempting menu of dishes, from roasted baby chicken, charcoal grilled lamb chops and calamari (grilled or fried) through to sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and Panini. “It’s great food in a friendly environment,” says the restaurant’s owner Harout, “and it’s a first in Dubai. People walk in with no expectations and walk out knowing they’re coming back.”

With 40 covers, including the bar, Harot’s comes as a wonderful surprise to many; it’s not only the superb food and drink, it’s the theatricality too, with the rotisseries being completely open, so dining is a sensorial spectacle, from what’s on your plate to all that’s around you.

This is a restaurant passionate about its food, and how it produces it. “We imported the rotisseries directly from the manufacturer in France, and everything in the back-of-house kitchen we sourced through Al Halabi. We chose to deal with Al Halabi because they have such an excellent reputation in this part of the world. And they didn’t let us down; their commitment to quality in every aspect of their work is impressive. We would definitely use Al Halabi again.”

Last ParagraphThe Harot approach to the catering and hospitality world is simple: source the highest quality ingredients and cook them to perfection in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and at great value prices!

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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