‘Roller Grill Takes Your Kitchen to the Next Level’

Main Photo2  Roller Grill International, which manufactures exclusively in France, produces the world’s finest kitchen equipment, offering everything from Crepe and Panini machines through to Toasters, Contact Grills and, of course, Roller Grills.First Paragraph Moreover, its partnership with Al-Halabi Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment has helped this globally respected brand to become the No.1 choice for discerning restaurants, cafes and other professional catering outlets throughout the MENA region.

The term ‘Roller Grill’ has become generic in the region thanks to one of the strongest partnerships in the catering equipment industry. “Al Halabi has been working with us since 1994, marketing our products in the Middle East and giving us ideas to develop new products or to adapt existing ones. Just imagine, in the Middle East people don’t say a Panini machine, but a ‘Roller Grill’! This is the result of two strong partners working together,” explains a spokesman from Roller Grill International.

Third ParagraphActive in the region for 30 years, developing its distribution network in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Iran, Roller Grill International is a European leader in the production of a wide range of catering equipment, including toasters, multifunction ovens, fryers, bain-maries, ventilated heated and refrigerated displays, contact-grills, griddle plates, crepe machines, waffle irons, salamanders, smokers, kebab & gyros grills, rotisseries; the list goes on, with every Roller Grill product being made in France.Third Paragraph (2)

And because Roller Grill International and Al Halabi are both respected manufacturers, they know how to develop new products and reach new markets, exchanging information and ideas in order to match kitchen equipment with local needs.

Fifth ParagraphIn fact, Roller Grill International regularly introduces new products onto the market, and in 2013 will launch a new conveyor oven which, especially created for a worldwide bakery chain, allows for the fresh preparation of hot sandwiches in front of the customer, just like Subway’s. Fifth Paragraph (1)The company is also introducing several new concepts, such as a lollipop waffle machine, a chocolate warmer and a waffle mix, which enable the caterer to recover his investment in less than a month.

Second ParagraphBoth Roller Grill International and Al Halabi are rightly proud of their ability to respond to customer demand, so, as they would say in a good restaurant, ‘remember, if there is something you really like which is not on the menu, then please inform the waiter and we will do our best to make it for you!’


For live demonstration on how to use Roller Grill Crepe Machine, please follow the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6bAyVWNns8&feature=youtu.be

For any Rollwer Grill Inquiries please visit our website www.al-halabi.com


“by al Halabi Ref & Kitchen Equiment www.al-halabi.com


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