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“At RATIONAL we put our customers first,” explains the company’s Middle East Chief Representative Mr. Simon Parke-Davis. “We have a team of nine people in the region, including five chefs and a service director, and are focused on ease-of-use for our customers, making sure that the cooking results are consistent each and every time to the highest quality.”

Second ParagraphRATIONAL is the worldwide market and technology leader in the thermal preparation of food for commercial catering and haute cuisine, with a 54 % world market share. It is renowned for being a pioneering company too. In 1976, for instance, it invented the first combi-steamer, which fundamentally changed the way large-scale and professional kitchens operate. Today, more than 600,000 RATIONAL combi-steamers are in use worldwide; this means practically every second unit installed is made by RATIONAL. Approximately 120 million meals are produced with RATIONAL units every day.

Third  ParagraphAlways looking to set new benchmarks for the industry, RATIONAL has developed the first cooking system with five senses, the new SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses. “It replaces almost all the appliances traditionally found in a professional kitchen,” says Simon. “It can grill, steam, gratinate, bake, rise, roast, braise, simmer, stew, poach or blanche. The unit independently determines, controls and monitors the optimum cooking process … just by the push of a button. It is the first cooking system with five senses, as it recognises, thinks with and ahead of the chef, learns from the chef and even communicates with him.  At the same time, the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses requires significantly less energy, water and raw materials. It is not only a standard for Western food, but also for Indian and Arabic cuisine.”

Last ParagraphTrading in the Middle East for over 25 years, with a presence in the region since 2007, RATIONAL has a number of competitive advantages, from its innovative approach through to having acquired the Energy Star Rating on all of its products, and onto its relationship with the regional leader in the manufacture, design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment, Al Halabi. “We have found Al Halabi to be a very professional company, and we work with them from right at the initial stage of a project. Our relationship with Al Halabi is just one way in which we provide the best service and product for our customers at all times,” Simon Parke-Davis concludes.

For Rational Oven inquiries, please email us on sales@al-halabi.com

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