‘Mandi Ovens for Any Budget’

Al-HalabiA yearning for authenticity, where stories, goodwill and great food unite families and communities, was behind the formation of Lions Metals back in 2011, for this pioneering Sharjah-based company has researched, developed and manufactured possibly the finest Mandi Ovens to be found anywhere on the planet … but that’s only part of the story.

“We offer a complete replacement for the traditional ‘underground cooking experience’,” explains Mr. Mohammed Al Sheikh, founder and Chairman of the MAS Group, of which Lions Metals is one of their premium brands. “It no longer takes up to seven hours to prepare a single feast or two the traditional way; it’s more like one-and-a-half hours to cook up to twenty five ones at the same time. What’s more, food can be cooked in a manner that is considerably safer, cleaner and more efficient, saving over 50% on energy, money and time.”

Third ParagraphOf course, high quality Mandi Ovens have traditionally been the preserve of the more ‘well-off’, but thanks to Lions Metals extensive and innovative R&D facilities, this is no longer the case. “We have launched a new product Series, which we believe will be welcomed by both end-users and distributors – the ‘Classic Series’. Based on our current Mandi Ovens, this new series is aimed at ‘lower income’ customers, those that previously couldn’t warrant such a large outlay on a new oven. But there has been no compromise on quality and performance; this is still an extremely high performing, energy efficient oven,” says Mohammed.

Such ground-breaking design comes as no surprise to those people who know Lions Metals, for this is a company that is renowned for developing new solutions. In the past eight months alone, for instance, it has brought three new products to market, with a further two being introduced over the next six months. But this is only the beginning. “There are 155 products lining up in R&D,” Mohammed explains, “and we should have all of them completely finished within five years.”

Fifth ParagraphIt was appropriate, therefore, that Lions Metals, which now sells to 20 countries and aims to increase this number to 35 in the next five years, recently picked up a ‘Star of Manufacturing’ award at a prestigious ceremony in Dubai for Stars of Business in the Middle East. This award honours the achievements of manufacturing businesses that have made an exceptional contribution to the UAE economy. “Smaller than many of our competitors, we have a unique, evolutionary strategy, and it was wonderful to be recognised,” said Mohammed.

Al-HalabiSo where can you view Lions Metals’ extraordinary range of ovens? “Its available at all authentic & reputable companies of this domain such as Al Halabi, the region’s (Godfather) of this industry!” proclaims Mohammed. “They are a very professional company, very co-operative, and they feature our ovens in all of their branches throughout the Gulf region. A Great partner indeed”

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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