Mama’esh ‘An Authentic Palestinian Experience’

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Genuine delicacies, recipes and dishes that you can’t find any place else in Dubai; it’s a bold claim, but at Mama’esh ME they focus on fresh, authentic ingredients, skilfully prepared by people who have a passion for great food. Provenance is key, and the result has to be experienced to believe!


“We are not a five-star restaurant,” explains founder and owner Hussam Al Batta. “We are an authentic Palestinian bakery serving fresh food from original recipes. Only the very finest produce is used, such as Palestinian Olives, Labneh Balls and Chilli Paste, and everything has to be in season. Nothing is frozen, only fresh ingredients are used. Even the flour we bake our bread with is organic, and bread is baked daily in our authentic wood fired stone oven.”

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Fresh … organic … authentic. Sounds expensive! But that’s the last thing that Mama’esh ME is. In fact, it prides itself on its good prices, as Hussam says: “High quality and a fair price, that’s our philosophy at Mama’esh ME. We strive to be a friendly brand; we get to know our customers and refuse to become ‘commercial’ – even our water is free.”

Mama’esh ME takes care of all of its customers too. Its vegetarian selection, for instance, is exceptional. And it is more than happy to deliver or cater to a wide range of events. Indeed, its time-honoured recipes, authentic ingredients and incredibly talented chefs can turn any gathering into a culinary celebration!

There is no doubt that the most delicious way to a society’s soul is through its stomach. Naturally, to achieve delicious results every single time requires good people and good commercial kitchen equipment. “We had several options when we first opened the business in 2014,” says Hussam. “Eventually we settled on Al Halabi because of its professionalism and excellent customer service. They are ‘action-oriented’ too, which is very important for us because time is money as the old saying goes.

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Al Halabi assigned an accounts manager to our project; someone who was dedicated to ensuring that everything at Mama’esh ME progressed smoothly and to a pre-agreed schedule. They provide a good after sales services too. If any issues arise they are fixed immediately. We are currently looking at two new possible locations that will allow us to expand, and we will certainly use Al Halabi again,” Hussam concludes.

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So if you haven’t already, visit Mama’esh ME to experience deliciously prepared dishes and the best customer service in town! You’ll find them in Business Bay, Al Abraj Street, in Bayswater Tower facing the waterfront.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment


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