‘Kitchen Equipment Designed Especially For You’

Main PhotoThe Arabic and Mediterranean worlds overlap, sharing a lot of cooking styles, dishes, and ingredients. However, the kitchens required to cook these two diverse cuisines are very different, a fact that Al Halabi is fully aware of, as it designs, manufactures, installs and maintains specialist kitchen equipment for top hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, cafeterias, and other commercial establishments throughout the MENA region.

Second ParagraphArabic food offers an enormous and varied selection of dishes, reflecting the cultural diversity embedded in the region’s way of life. It is thus essential to have the right kind of tools and equipment in your kitchen to capture the essence of what for many is a unique culinary experience.

The essential ingredient in every Arabic meal is the hospitality and generosity (karam), with formal dinners and celebrations usually offering chicken, rice, stewed vegetables, salads, and dishes seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, including large quantities of lamb. The latter could prove problematic without the right type of oven; an oven that it is not easy to source … unless you’re a customer of Al Halabi! For the company has designed and manufactured a special lamb roasting oven exclusively for the Arabic market, which can cook up to eight succulent lambs at the same time.

Forth ParagraphOther specialist commercial kitchen equipment supplied by Al Halabi includes Arabic bread ovens “manousah” (Arabic pizza), shawerma machines, falafel fryers, meat mincers, saj ovens, vegetable cutters and hummus machines, as well as food processors, chillers, freezers, preparation areas … the list goes on and takes in everything you could possibly need in a professional and well-run kitchen.

Fifth ParagraphNo fewer than 16 countries border the Mediterranean Sea, and each has its own culture and traditions. But there is one thing that unites these lands – their diet. Even though spices, cooking methods and recipes may vary, their basic ingredients are all the same, with abundant amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, bread, potatoes and olive oil. And once again, Al Halabi can provide entire commercial kitchen solutions, taking in everything from griddles, cooking ranges and salad bars through to sinks and shelving units.

Last ParagraphOf course, it is no surprise that Al Halabi has such expertise, for it has its headquarters in Dubai, the best place to sample all types of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine, including fattoush, matchbous, esh asaraya, ghuzi, tabbouleh and mehalabiya, all endlessly fresh and inviting. Istalazza!



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