‘Here Comes the Farzi Twist’



Farzi Café, situated in the heart of Dubai, at City Walk 2, Al Safa area, offers a unique cuisine based on contemporary Indian food … with a twist. Little wonder then that, with a theatrical ambience and enticing interior, Farzi Café has quickly become one of Dubai’s most popular restaurants.

Farzi Café can best be described as a gourmet experience with a contemporary take that is rooted in age-old traditions, providing taste sensations that take you beyond your expectations. Its dedicated chefs combine tantalising tastes from a bold use of Indian flavours, whilst at the same time offering its adaptation of some iconic dishes from around the world.


Redefining the culinary map of India, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, Farzi Café seamlessly combines the cultures of both, resulting in an enthralling culinary experience. “We use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients,” explains owner Mr. Nadeem Busheri. “And while we offer the finest modern Indian food, it is served in a chic, albeit rather quirky, European bistro- type environment. Ultimately, what we do is provide bold, unrestrained flavours in captivating surroundings, a million miles away from the experience many have in Indian restaurants today all over the world!”

And the restaurant’s growing army of patrons seems to agree, with one lady commenting: “I have been to Farzi Café twice and enjoyed it very much. The food was an experience not to be missed, from the surprising, innovative and fun presentation to the exquisite taste; not to mention the great service and knowledgeable staff.”

Those knowledgeable staff are working with some pretty fabulous kitchen equipment too. Farzi Café has invested in only the best machinery and equipment, and naturally therefore went to Al Halabi for its supply and installation. “It has been a very good experience working with Al Halabi,” Mr. Busheri says. “It is a company with unrivalled expertise and a highly professional team. They responded quickly to all of our queries and requests, and made the entire experience relatively hassle-free, which is not easy in this industry!”


Style and flair abound at this simply outstanding restaurant, with Farzi Café bringing a new dimension to Indian cuisine. Refined yet casual, there is absolutely no better dining experience in Dubai.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com





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