‘Great Career, Great Kitchens, Great Life!’

Main PhotoLoyal employees are just as important as loyal customers for a successful business; they are the backbone of the company, and the ones that will ultimately make or break a product or service. At Al Halabi we have a number of very loyal employees, but here we would like to highlight just one very special member of our team, Mr. Tanweer, who has been with the company since 1976, rising through the ranks to become Project Inspection Manager.

“I still remember my very first day at work,” Mr. Tanweer laughs. “I was very young then! But I do remember everything was done by hand; we had a very small bending machine, but that was a manual operation too. I also remember how kind the Al Halabi family were to me at the beginning, guiding and teaching me almost like a son.”

Third ParagraphIndeed, Al Halabi is one big happy family as far as Mr. Tanweer is concerned: “It really is like a family here … and it keeps growing! We started with just six people, and then we moved and employed more staff and invested in a lot of machinery. Then we moved again and the whole process was repeated. And that’s how it’s been; we just keep expanding.”

Fourth ParagraphThat expansion is not just in terms of product range, factory and showrooms either, it’s also geographical influence, with Mr. Tanweer travelling to commercial kitchen projects in many different countries: “I go to lots of places, such as Tanzania, Djibouti, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan. Sometimes the people I visit don’t speak English or Arabic, or any other language I recognise! It can be very interesting at times. But also very fulfilling.”

Mr. Tanweer has seen enormous change during his time at Al Halabi, and that change is ongoing: “Now there is a new generation of the Al Halabi family at the helm. Things are continuing to change, but it’s good change. The bosses now are very nice, but then again they always have been; that’s just the Al Halabi way.”

Last ParagraphThere are so few companies today that have true family values, and even fewer that have loyal staff who have served for nearly four decades! We feel very fortunate at Al Halabi that we have been able to maintain our family philosophy and retain our longest serving member of staff, who been a tremendous asset to the business throughout his career and has made a lot of friends.

Thank you Mr. Tanweer … here’s to the next 38 years!

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