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Logo_gelmatic_new_high resolutionThe taste of quality

Gel Matic has always been the expert in express blending and freezing units, a process that requires a sophisticated and advanced technology. In time this vocation has become an actual mission, tackled with enthusiasm and passion. By concentrating on a single activity, we have been able to develop dedicated technologies and processes that enable anyone to produce excellent gelato and ice cream. Quickly, easily and hygienically, saving time and effort – and ultimately with an excellent investment-to-profit ratio.

Passion for perfection

The history of Gel Matic is rooted in a dual passion: the extreme care for every detail and continuous innovation. Founded in 1972 by Gianbattista Guerini, Gel Matic began to assemble the first gelato machines in its Orio al Serio factory, grew quickly and in 2001 was handed over to the new generation: Andrea Guerini, son of the founder, joined the company. Dynamism and flexibility are now the new keywords, the guidelines that allow the company to establish itself in the world. This expansion has now reached all five continents. In 2005 the company joined Acomag – the Italian national association of gelato machinery and equipment manufacturers. It subsequently presented the HPC professional machine series, with an ergonomic and attractive design, and distinguished for its high production capacity. Two years later there followed the series of heat treatment units. A lot has changed during this constant evolution, but the original enthusiasm stays the same.

Different countries,
one common philosophy

Gel Matic has made its way to all corners of the planet. A statement to Italian creativity and technology, but also to our flexibility to respond to very diverse needs. In order to support our worldwide customers, we rely on a widespread network of importers, direct distributors, subsidiaries and business partners. We ensure excellence of service by providing specific technical training to our partners and distributors – another exclusive attribute of our company.

Associations and Environment

Product quality and quality of life.
Italian gelato is a precious legacy worth promoting all over the world. For this reason, Gel Matic is part of ACOMAG and Sistema Italiano Gelato, two associations involved in protecting and developing high-quality gelato. Among the criteria and the parameters set forth, respect for the environment is of the utmost importance. Gel Matic’s green stance is confirmed by environmentally-friendly production processes – from material recycling, to the use of eco-gasses, to water and energy-saving components. Because Gel Matic also thinks about quality of life.

The right temperature,
even when it’s hot outside

Gel Matic refrigerating systems are designed and built to guarantee gelato at the right temperature, even in the hottest climates. And they guarantee this over time, thanks to the carefully selected components. The heat exchangers are deliberately over-sized and the parts are welded together to guarantee that there is never any leakage. Only the very best components are used: hermetic Bristol compressors, semi-hermetic Dorin compressors, Danfoss solenoid valves and Ebm Papst fans. Reliability guaranteed, no matter what the climate. Gel Matic also sees protecting the environment as a priority: the high efficiency water condensing units reduces the amount of water and gas (Freon R404 and R507) used to comply with current environmental standards.

The look of the machine reflects taste too

Gel Matic machines are designed not only to guarantee excellent output capacity, but also to become an important feature of the ice-cream parlour, restaurant or bar. As a result, our attention to detail also extends to the look of the machine. Each Gel Matic machine has an ergonomic line and is designed to suit each location. The design also helps improve compliance with health and safety requirements. More specifically, the panels are made from 100% stainless steel and are crafted by skilled workers to ensure full respect for hygiene standards and to make the workplace safe and simple for the user.



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