Gazebo Restaurant ‘Eat Like Royalty’

The Gazebo restaurant chain is a celebration of one facet of the kaleidoscope that is Indian culture – and it is a very dazzling facet: the cuisine of the royal courts of Lucknow, Awadh and Hyderabad.

Gourmet Indian cuisine, principally associated with the Mughal emperors in northern India and the Nizams of the south, is characterised by elaborate cooking techniques and the fabulous use of herbs and spices. And at Gazebo the distinct flavours and aromas of its dishes are enhanced through the use of traditional ingredients and age-old recipes that have had a presence in authentic Indian cuisine for centuries, all richly and lavishly served in a manner that would not be out of place in the 17th century grandeur of the Awadh court.

Giving diners a rare and intimate glimpse of a bygone era, where every guest of the court was treated as a respected patrician, Gazebo has been pushing back the boundaries of culinary excellence in the UAE for 13 years, and currently has 10 restaurants and two state-of-the-art central kitchens.

HACCP and ISO 9001, it has implemented stringent food safety values, standards and quality controls throughout the chain, and because of this insists that its partners and suppliers are also focused on superior quality in terms of both product and service. One such partner is Al Halabi, with a spokesman for Gazebo explaining: “Al-Halabi is known for its quality and its efficient service when it comes to designing and manufacturing the very finest restaurant kitchen equipment. It is for this reason that we selected them.

“Al Halabi provides a complete turnkey solution too, and this is vitally important because it saves time and allows us to work faster.  It will certainly help Gazebo to continue to expand in the years ahead.”

Gazebo’s inspirational and evocative dishes have received considerable recognition and a number of industry accolades, including being named as the Best Asian Restaurant by Masala; accredited with Two Black Hats by What’s On; and winner of the prestigious Khaleej Times Award … twice. However, Gazebo’s greatest accolade has always been the number of satisfied clients, who over the years have kept coming back for more of the legendary Gazebo experience.


“by al Halabi Ref & Kitchen Equipment


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