‘Four of the Best Brands in Dubai’

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Pinnacle Restaurant & Catering Management operate in the UAE and specialize in casual dining within the food and beverage industry (F&B). From 2012, Pinnacle operations have shared one mandate: to deliver exquisite cuisine, which gains inspiration from it’s unique cultural backgrounds and passion for food in highly elegant settings.

At Pinnacle Restaurant & Catering Management they have accomplished something truly unique; a balance of the very finest hospitality with a diverse restaurant portfolio, outstanding service and exceptional food and beverage.

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“Our passion for food makes us successful,” explains founding partner Mr. Ahmed Al Alami. “We offer an exciting range of restaurant brands – Leila, KRIS KROS, KRIS KROS Lebanon, and Classic Burger Joint – each with a distinctive dining experience and incorporating exciting menu options designed to meet a variety of culinary tastes.”

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It all began when Ahmed, who had just graduated with his MBA in Barcelona, discovered the Leila restaurant franchise which, originally from Lebanon, is famous for fusing the authentic tastes of Lebanese cuisine with an inimitable contemporary touch. “It was a great business model to bring to the UAE,” says Ahmed, “and the restaurant-going public loved it. In fact, we now have four Leila restaurants in a variety of locations throughout Dubai; making eight restaurants in total … and there will be 11 by the end of this year under the Pinnacle Umberalla.”

This is impressive growth. Even more impressive when you realize that Ahmed and his four business partners launched the company as recently as 2012. “Diversity is an important aspect of our success,” Ahmed says, “and starting out with a franchise business model assisted Pinnacle with it’s entry into the catering and hospitality world.  Pinnacle then developed our own homegrown brand, KRIS KROS, a name that derives from the fact that our guests can ‘criss-cross’ continents, taking in the cuisines of the Americas, the Mediterranean and Asia.  This was followed by KRIS KROS Lebanon, which aims to provide the ultimate in authentic Lebanese street food. And now we have added a second franchise brand to our portfolio, Classic Burger Joint. Again hailing from the Lebanon, this offers burger lovers the very best gourmet burger experience.”

Although offering totally different dining experiences, there is one thing that this quartet of restaurant concepts has in common – they serve some of the best dishes in Dubai at fair prices, with service befitting the setting.

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It will come as no surprise, too, that Pinnacle Restaurant & Catering Management has invested in some of the world’s finest commercial kitchen equipment in order to store, prepare and cook itsrange of mouth-watering cuisines. “Initially, we had some less than good experiences with suppliers,” Ahmed explains, “then two years ago one of my business partners suggested Al Halabi. We haven’t looked back since. I never thought a local supplier could be so good! They have worked on several of our restaurants and recently completed our new central kitchen, which will be launched in around a month’s time. We wouldn’t go anywhere else now; Al Halabi is just so professional and their after-sales service is simply impeccable.” Ahmed concludes.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com


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