“Food Safety Tips”

Ten useful advices for Food safety tips

AL-HALABI_040.1. Read labels and check ingredients and expiry dates of food stuff.

2. Be careful while placing food stuff in the shopping cart. Mixing them with items such as detergents can be dangerous.

3. Frozen and refrigerated foods should be purchased only at the end of a shopping trip.

4. While buying packaged or canned foods, make sure the cans or packets are not perforated or defective.

5. Cooked and raw foods must be stored separately to prevent cross-contamination.

6. Cool hot food before putting it back in the fridge. Putting hot food in the fridge will ruin other items.

Detail_001.7. Allow airflow in the fridge by not crowding it.

8. No cooked food should be kept in the refrigerator for more than five days.

9. Keeping the kitchen and all cooking accessories clean.

10. Use paper tissues instead of cloth or sponge.


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