‘F&B Booms Throughout the GCC’


The Gulf region is one of the most talked about growth markets in the food & beverage industry, with many global brands already having a presence there. Why are they there? Well, the fact is that GCC countries are home to many cultures – young cultures. And these young people translate into a ready consumer-base willing to try the next new thing. It’s no surprise, then, the food & beverage industry in countries such as the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia continues on an upward growth trajectory, with a great sense of optimism palpable right across the region.

Growth spiralled by more than 30% in two years following the economic crash of 2008, with companies and investors deciding to move onto ‘cash businesses’ after getting seriously stung during the financial downturn. That growth continues too, with the market increasing year-on-year.


There have been a number of reasons for this, not least that people from the GCC have been travelling to countries all over the world, trying the food, liking it, and then importing the various concepts through franchising opportunities. At the same time, people from different cultures all around the world have been moving to the Middle East, mostly on their own or with small families, and tend to order in food and eat out a lot.


Almost every cuisine in the world can now be found in the Gulf region, from Italian, Turkish, Mexican and American through to Thai, Chinese and Japanese. Moreover, local food & beverage professionals are now coming up with new concepts, and are successfully franchising them to countries around the globe.

Al Halabi, of course, works throughout the GCC and can provide solutions for whatever the concept, having successfully completed projects for almost every food & beverage brand you can imagine … and probably quite a few you can’t.


In the coming years, further growth is anticipated, with both major industry players and new entrants into the sector seeking to strategically deploy and optimise their investment in order to respond to ongoing market demand. And many of these companies and individuals will be making their way to their nearest Al Halabi showroom. Well, if you’re looking for quality and success, you may as well start the way you mean to go on!

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com



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