‘Fabulous Flavours from Lebanon’

Sahteyn is a word you will hear repeatedly in Lebanon; it translates roughly as ‘twice your health’, a type of greeting and an invitation to share some of the world’s most exquisite food. And now it is possible to enjoy this age-old tradition and mouth-watering cuisine in Muscat with the opening of Mezza & Co., a restaurant that offers a unique taste of Lebanon, served in an atmosphere that typifies Lebanese openness, hospitality and a passion for magnificent food.

Hassan Zbib, the creator and owner of Mezza & Co. is a highly experienced restaurateur, with celebrated and successful eateries in several countries. However, as he explains: “This is a completely new concept, and initial feedback has been very good indeed. In fact, we have opened with 30 covers, but have already acquired the retail space next door in order to expand. This will take the restaurant to around 70 covers.”

Mezza & Co. offers stylish dining, a creative menu, and authentic, wholesome and traditional food … wherever you happen to be. “We do a lot of takeaways and deliveries,” says Mr. Zbib, “and this is a very important and growing aspect of our business. And as we’re open from 11.00am to 11.00pm, we provide a very convenient service for our customers too.”

With highly qualified and creative chefs producing cuisine that is a true reflection of Lebanon’s rich and distinctive culture, Mezza & Co. is also committed to exceeding required standards and legislation for health and safety, hygiene, and environmental controls. This, of course, has much to do with the quality of equipment and its installation, with Mr. Zbib commenting: “All of the work in our kitchen was carried out by Al Halabi; a very professional company with a practical solution to every challenge. Indeed, we are so pleased with Al Halabi’s performance – both the quality of its products and the high level of its customer service – that we have asked them to carry out all of the work on our extension.”

With such impressive growth so early on, the future for Mezza & Co. looks extremely bright, and not just in Muscat. “We will now be looking to roll out the concept across other countries; we have set a ‘gold standard’ in Muscat and we look forward to offering this to discerning diners in other carefully chosen locations,” concludes Mr. Zbib.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com


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