Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future!’

blogmain1When it was announced in Paris that Dubai had become the first Middle Eastern city to be awarded the Expo, beating Russia’s Yekaterinburg in the final round of voting, fireworks exploded from the Burj Khalifa and the whole nation began to party. This was the prize at the end of the rainbow, with Dubai Expo 2020, which will showcase the best of the world’s technology, architecture and culture, destined to quite simply take your breath away!

Second ParagraphA colossal exhibition centre will be built to host the Expo, with the site chosen for the event being spread out over 438 hectares and located between the international airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is estimated that an astonishing 25 million visitors will attend the six-month extravaganza which, going a long way to crowning Dubai as the world hub it is striving to become, will also create around 227,000 new jobs, 40% of which will be in the tourism and travel sectors.

Third ParagraphThe theme of Expo 2020 – Connecting Minds, Creating the Future – lies at the heart of what Dubai actually stands for and will focus on sustainability, particularly in regard to the production, delivery and consumption of water and energy; mobility, looking at new systems in the logistics and transportation industries; and opportunity, homing in on the growing need for new universal models for sustainable economic development and financial stability.

Expo 2020, which Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum has promised will astonish the world, will fuel new infrastructure spending estimated at up to $18 billion, and host pavilions from around 200 countries.

Last ParagraphAl Halabi would like to salute Sheikh Mohammed for his vision and congratulate Dubai and the UAE on winning the right to host Expo 2020. We are extremely proud of Dubai, which won the bid after two years of hard work, dedication and commitment, all attributes that we as a company will adhere to as we progress strategies that will allow us to keep pace with the amount of new developments in the hotel, restaurant and general hospitality industries leading up to 2022.


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