Euroceppi ‘Choosing the Right Cutting Board’

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What kind of cutting board or chopping block do you use in your kitchen? You’ve probably heard all kinds of conflicting advice on which is the most sanitary or the least damaging to your knives. So we’re setting the record straight: the answer is not a particular design or material, it’s a brand – Euroceppi, which has been serving discerning hotels, restaurants and caterers since 1948.

One of the 10 most important producers in the world for cutting boards and chopping blocks for the food service industry, Italian company Euroceppi is well-known throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait and Jordan, with its business in the region having grown dramatically over the last decade thanks to the company’s reputation for reliability, superior quality and excellent customer service.

b5 Third ParagraphEuroceppi first began doing business with Al Halabi, its first customer outside of Europe, in 1980, and it has developed into a relationship that has gone far beyond just customer and supplier. “Al Halabi promoted the Euroceppi brand throughout the UAE, allowing us to get to market easier and with more stability,” explained a Euroceppi spokesperson. “We have developed a real partnership, with our two companies sharing the same values and objectives: Al Halabi has been central to the Euroceppi brand becoming known and appreciated in the UAE for its unparalleled quality.”

b5 Forth ParagraphDespite the economic downturn in recent years, Euroceppi has increased its sales all over the world, with much of this success coming down to its dynamic and innovative approach to the industry. It has recently, for instance, introduced a new patented product that has lots of advantages for hotels, restaurants and caterers – it’s called the Ecotagliere, and is Euroceppi’s response to the global financial crisis, as it allows users to reduce costs significantly.

In fact, when the Ecotagliere cutting board is damaged all that needs to be done is to fix a new surface onto the base. This is a quick and easy operation that provides a number of benefits: Ecotagliere saves money on raw materials and is therefore environmentally-friendly; is lightweight; and is always hygienic.

bandiera.xlsChoosing the correct cutting board is as important as the selection of the proper knife. It’s a vital piece of kit that makes your blade functional, so ensure you get an Ecotagliere; even better, get two!

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