EPU Hospitality Management ‘The Kitchen Supplier Professionals Depend On’

Main PhotoWhen you run one of the food & beverage industry’s most dynamic organisations, representing a number of leading global brands, you need to think ahead to stay ahead. And at EPU Hospitality Management this includes building professional capabilities beyond the company itself, partnering with industry leading companies such as internationally renowned kitchen equipment manufacturer and supplier Al-Halabi.

Commenting on Alkhaja Group’s decision to partner with Al Halabi, the most respected kitchen equipment supplier in the region, Mr. Mohammed Al Kasaby, who is responsible for brand management within the company, said: “Over the past 10 years, we have enjoyed tremendous success with Al Halabi, whose experience, expertise, cost-effectiveness and extraordinary customer service makes it a partnership that has become very important to our business.”

Third ParagraphThat business is diverse too, taking in some of the UAE’s most popular restaurants and cafes, Tutti Frutti Yogurt, O My Buns, Hatam ,Cio Cio ,Al Safeer ,Auntie Annes , Hediard, Gloria Jeans, Esfahan and Fish & Co. Naturally, with such a varied offering Alkhaja Group needed a kitchen supplier that could provide everything from ovens, fryers, grills and hob units through to freezers, chillers, coffee machines and dish washers. In fact, everything you can think of that goes into a commercial kitchen … and probably a few things you can’t think of!


Forth ParagraphIt’s not just high quality, reliable kitchen equipment that Alkhaja Group value either, as Mohammed explains: “For us, as a food & beverage operator, the most important thing is the quality of the service and maintenance after delivery and installation. If something goes wrong, we need to know that there will be an immediate response, and Al Halabi provides that.


“Indeed, we are so happy with the service that Al Halabi gives us that they not only look after all of our branded cafes and restaurants, but our central kitchen and production area too. They are an excellent company to work with,” he concludes.


Last ParagraphToday, companies are forever launching new entrepreneurial initiatives, and they do they need to know that they can rely upon the equipment they have invested in. This is nowhere more true than in the catering world, where a sub-standard combi-oven or a badly maintained freezer, microwave, food processor or griddle can have a seriously adverse affect on a business, both financially and in terms of reputation. That’s why Alkhaja Group, alongside scores of other catering establishments in the Middle East and North Africa, rely upon Al Halabi, a company that provides a quality-led, cost-effective and flexible service, designed specifically to suit your individual requirements!


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