‘Enjoy the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice’

Sometimes a product comes along that provides a much-needed solution for a new generation of customers. NutrisantosTM 65 is just such a product and, unlike any other juicer on the market, has been designed, developed and manufactured by Lyon-based Santos, a company that is committed to working with clients, getting to know them, their businesses, and the challenges that they face.

One particular challenge that juice bars, restaurants and shops throughout the world have faced is the ability to make fresh cold pressed juices, on demand, in front of the customer. But the call for such juices has risen dramatically, becoming increasingly important to today’s health conscious consumer who wants cold pressed juice that is not only refreshing, but also jam-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Previously, this was a very long-winded approach for commercial outlets, including the need to bottle the juice, often off the premises.

The Nutrisantos 65, though, changes all that, as Santos Marketing and Sales Director – President Aurélien Fouquet explains: “Cold pressed juice is made very differently from fresh squeezed juice. Their methods of extraction are what make them distinct from each other, and if you really want to retain all of the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals from fresh produce such as greens, this method is the only option.”

It took Santos three years to research and develop the Nutrisantos 65, which has received a huge welcome from the catering and hospitality industry, even picking up two awards in Dubai and Milan. “Before the launch of the Nutrisantos 65 no-one had a solution for a big output,” says Monsieur Fouquet. “What we have provided is a solution that sits somewhere between domestic and industrial requirements; a product that can deliver 40 to 60 litres of juice per hour directly in front of the customer. This was simply not possible before.”

It is now though! With the Nutrisantos 65 it’s possible to press and serve … instantly. This is a heavy duty piece of kit too, a genuinely commercial cold press juicer, featuring an aluminium body and stainless steel food zone, along with an ultra-reliable induction motor. And if all that were not enough, it’s easy to clean too, with a removable pusher and juicing system that is dishwasher safe. All in all an ideal product for Dubai and the Gulf region!

“The Middle East has always been an important market for us,” says Monsieur Fouquet. “And of course, Dubai is always the first place to implement new trends and developments. So it’s been great to have a key partner such as Al Halabi, a company we’ve been dealing with for around 12 years. It’s an excellent relationship; they are nice people. It’s also a family business, like Santos, and they have stood by us every step of the way, and I’m sure will continue to do so,” he concludes.

Santos Cold Press 65 Juicer Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5jgZ9tzpaQ





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