‘Enjoy Lebanon’s Signature Dish at Man’oushe Street’

Main PhotoEvery Lebanese knows a man’oushe, no matter how far they are from home. Made with the very finest ingredients and rolled out on wooden boards that have been slightly burnt by the flames of the old brick oven, man’oushe is a flatbread with endless possibilities for toppings and different flavours. It is arguably Lebanon’s signature dish, and there seem to be as many variations as there are Lebanese people. But whatever your preference, at Man’oushe Street you’ll find a great selection of delicious, healthy food within a fast casual dining restaurant experience. 

Second ParagraphThe menu is truly mouth-watering, including what for many is the traditional man’oushe – tomato and onion topped with za’atar, a simple but heady blend of wild thyme, sesame seeds, salt and lemony sumac, mixed with fragrant olive oil. The menu is extensive too, taking in everything from Mighty Wraps and Street Sealed Bureks through to Valley Salads, All-Day Breakfasts and Pizza. There’s also a super selection of desserts and drinks, making Man’oushe Street the preferred dining option for a growing army of hungry, discerning customers.

third paragraphOf course, such popularity means growth, and growth means new restaurants. “The brand is really going well, and we have big expansion plans,” explains Man’oushe Street Operations Manager Eddie Hakim. “Naturally, to facilitate this growth we need to work with a top-notch kitchen equipment supplier and installer. We used to work with another kitchen company, but then we heard of Al Halabi, which has an unrivalled reputation for quality throughout the region.

forth paragraph“So far they have completed two minor updates for us and three brand new restaurants. The three restaurants were all done at the same time too, and I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with Al Halabi’s customer care. On one of the projects we had to revise the flow in the kitchen and made more than 20 changes. They were very patient though, very understanding. I think it’s true to say that Al Halabi really does go that extra mile when it comes to looking after its customers.”

The same can be said for Man’oushe Street, where the customer service complements the amazing food perfectly. And if you’ve never tried man’oushe, we suggest you do at your earliest convenience, if only to see what you’ve been missing! “Like pizza, you can find them topped with everything under the sun,” says Eddie, “and everyone has an opinion about what makes the best man’oushe.”

last paragraph‘What’ makes the best man’oushe may be a question open to debate, but ‘who’ makes the best man’oushe certainly isn’t – bon appétit!

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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