‘Dubai Street Food Phenomenon’

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There’s a hot new trend in Dubai – mobile catering or food trucks – with an incredibly wide range of food being sold from stalls, kiosks, carts, trailers, vans … it’s only limited by the imagination! And the choice of food is just as broad, from ice-cream and fresh juices through to burgers and hot dogs.

A rapidly growing scene of top quality artisan cuisine, this ‘street food’ movement has become a social phenomenon and is considered to be one of the most innovative and engaging developments in catering for many years. Of course, there are certain challenges when setting up such an operation; one of the more obvious being how to design and install a kitchen that is practical and professional in such a small space? The answer for many mobile caterers is, as ever, Al Halabi.

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Anyone who deals with Al Halabi will know that they love food … they are what you might call ‘foodies’. They discuss food all day, every day with people who work in the catering and food manufacturing industries and, because they are foodies and have a real passion for what they do, they think that the new street food revolution is simply amazing. Any fellow foodies will agree. And it is that enthusiasm that has driven Al Halabi to design, manufacture and install some of the finest mobile catering solutions ever conceived.

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It’s a rather special and distinct market sector, and is undoubtedly a little more complicated than a ‘bricks n’ mortar’ restaurant, not least because of the limited space. However, Al Halabi is able to provide everything from tabletop fryers through to chillers, and has the design expertise to be able create a food truck kitchen that not only functions perfectly, but looks smart too.

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From hot food units through to coffee bars and from crepes through to donuts, Al Halabi is able to supply and install the perfect equipment for your business. But naturally, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the MENA region’s No.1 commercial kitchen designer, manufacturer and installer, would you?

By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com

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