Dubai Food Control: ‘The Caterer’s Best Friend’

Main PhotoIt is now almost a year since Dubai Municipality released a new ‘Food Code’, which was designed to assist all kinds of catering establishments, from restaurants and cafes through to hotels and fast-food outlets, allowing them to understand their obligations and carry out operations in a safe and hygienic manner. Consequently, if you run a food business in Dubai it will be inspected by enforcement officers from Dubai Municipality, who ensure that you are following food law.

Second ParagraphAt first sight, this statement can appear quite daunting – a government body visiting your premises to see if you are up to scratch. But, in fact, it is quite the opposite, as Bobby Krishna, Principal Food Studies and Surveys Officer for Dubai Municipality, explains: “We are not here to find problems; we are here to help; to assist caterers in achieving their objectives.”

Third ParagraphThe aim of Dubai Municipality Food Control Department is to ensure that the food sold in catering outlets is safe to eat.  To achieve this it carries out regular inspections of all food premises within the emirate. These inspections look at hygienic approaches to food preparation, food storage, food handling, and packaging. It is a very fair and genuinely helpful inspection too, with Bobby Krishna saying: “It is a standard code, and the result will be the same if either Inspector Y or Inspector Z carries out the assessment – personal opinions do not come into it.”

Caterers must put in place procedures that manage food safety and guarantee ongoing compliance with the food hygiene legislation, but they are not left on their own, with Bobby Krishna commenting: “We are here to help. And we would encourage businesses to be frank with us. What problems are they facing? What are they unsure of? We can help in all circumstances. That’s what we exist to do. Closing down a cafe, restaurant or bakery is a last resort.”

Last ParagraphDubai Municipality Food Control Department can be a caterer’s ‘best friend’ when it comes to building a business that is successful, profitable and, most important of all, safe for customers. “It is vital that caterers read the Food Code and, at the same time, speak to us or to a good consultant; one that really understands the industry inside-out,” concludes Bobby Krishna. SO Hurry up and download your copy of Dubai Municipality Food Code..


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