‘Dangerously Delicious Waffles’

main photoThere is nothing quite like a Scandinavian waffle, particularly in Norway, where they are just as important to the locals as the croissant is to the French.  And from Friday November 20th, Norwegian waffles are available at RIPE Food Market in Dubai for the very first time thanks to the WOFL Bakery LLC (WOFL), an exciting new venture that is committed to being the premier, leading ‘all things waffle’ company in the region.

Second Paragraph“It is a new concept for Dubai,” explains Kristin the company’s founder. “This is because Norwegian waffles are a little different to Belgian or American waffles; they are a bit thinner and you fold them when you eat them, just like a sandwich. It is a staple food in Norway and is usually served with a sweet topping or a slice of “brunost”, the traditional brown Norwegian goat cheese. WOFL has extended the Norwegian waffle a bit further and offers it with a variety of topping combinations.    

Third ParagraphIndeed, anyone who has visited Norway will be fully aware of the waffle; they are everywhere: in kiosks, cafes and other catering outlets, and have become synonymous with Norwegian culture.   It is an art form in its own right, and WOFL is now proud to be offering its ‘Gourmet Sandwich Waffles’ to a new audience … although as Kristin explains, it has been a long journey. “It is a lengthy process to get a food business up and running; it has taken us eight months, but with the final Dubai Municipality inspection completed we were finally ready to go!”

It’s been a somewhat difficult journey at times too. “To begin with we worked with several kitchen equipment suppliers, and to be honest the whole experience was horrific, with terrible customer service,” Kristin says. “But then we found Al Halabi and everything changed. They have been phenomenal. We are, of course, a small business, but Al Halabi treated us as if we were a multi-national.  They gave us some fantastic advice too, guiding us in certain aspects of how to create a good commercial kitchen. There is no doubt we will go to Al Halabi for all of our requirements in the future.”

last paragraphNaturally, you may need your taste buds to be adventurous, for Norwegian waffles do not just come as a ‘sweet treat’.  There is the WOFL’NA, for instance, consisting of Roasted Pumpkin, Labneh Zaatar Cheese Crumbles, Rocca, Green Onion and Arabian Dressing! But don’t worry, if you have a sweet tooth how about the ‘Old Faithful’, with Nutella, Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Hazelnut Praline.  In fact, the whole menu is chock full of ‘Dangerously Delicious Waffles’.  If you need any more convincing, visit www.facebook.com/WOFL.ME – the photographs alone will get your gastric juices flowing!

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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