‘Coffee Shops – a National Obsession’

Main PhotoStrike up a conversation with anyone in the UAE and you’ll most likely uncover a growing national trait: the obsessive quest for ‘good’ coffee. For in recent years, coffee shop culture has grown dramatically, not only because of the quality of the beverages on offer, but also because they have become meeting places; a kind of third option, not the home or the workplace, but somewhere people can go to spend time with their friends, family and business colleagues.

However, today these places are not just ‘coffee’ shops – they offer a broad array of options, from sandwiches and cakes through to ice cream, chocolate and shisha pipes. Casual, relaxed and social, coffee shops have become the places to meet enjoy an affordable treat. You may not be able to justify splashing out on a restaurant every day, but a coffee shop doesn’t break the bank and provides the same satisfaction.

Third ParagraphOperating a coffee shop, though, can be quite a complex operation, and that’s why many businesses within both the UAE and the wider Gulf region call upon one of the industry’s most accomplished experts when it comes to the supply, installation and maintenance of a wide array of equipment – Al Halabi.

Forth ParagraphProviding everything from coffee machines, grinders, blenders and juice extractors through to dishwashers, fridges, worktop chillers, contact grills, fryers, microwaves and preparation tables, Al Halabi can provide the total solution. “We refuse to comprise when it comes to quality and service; all of our coffee machines are manufactured in Italy by La Pavoni, for instance, whilst the speed in which our team can complete a project is also advantageous to clients. We’ve fine tuned every aspect of our operation, so that now our clients can expect to see their outlets opening for business at least a couple of days than they had perhaps envisaged,” says Business Development Manager Bilal Al Halabi.

LAst PAragraph“We also specialise in supplying display cabinets for items such as chocolate, cake and desserts,” Bilal continues, “and with many years of experience we know how to present products in a really attractive manner – customers buy with their eyes, and we know how to appeal to them.”

So if you have a coffee shop, or are looking to open one, all you need are the premises – Al Halabi can help you with the rest!

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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