‘Ci Gusta Gelato – You Can Taste the Difference’

b3 Main PhotoWhile we’re not really into questioning our favourite things, we were interested in finding out the difference between gelato and ice-cream? And since we know we’re not alone in pondering major life questions such as this, we decided to get to the bottom of it. This is what we found: Gelato is normally denser, and milkier in texture, whilst having less fat than ice-cream. It is served at a slightly warmer temperature too, so its texture stays silkier and softer. And because it has a lower percentage of fat than ice-cream, the main flavour ingredient really comes through. Or, as Mr. Alessandro, Operations Manager of Dubai-based gelato manufacture Ci Gusta puts it “It’s the difference between a beautiful woman … and a not so beautiful woman!”

b3 Second ParagraphMr. Alessandro also promises that if you’ve enjoyed gelato in Italy, you can now have exactly the same experience in the UAE … in up to a staggering 500 different flavours, from savoury to sweet. “The company started four years ago” he explains, as a franchising It developed afterwards as high-end gelato manufacturer selling to discerning restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. We now sell to leading companies throughout the UAE, and are currently talking to the main hospitality groups in UAE

b3 Third ParagraphCi Gusta is expanding rapidly, and one of its most valued partners as it continues to move forwards is Al Halabi, designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer to some of the most successful and demanding commercial kitchens in the whole of the MENA region. “We first began working with Al Halabi in March 2014,” says Mr. Alessandro. “We have a 100m2 state-of-the-art laboratory and kitchen, and Al Halabi has done all of the setting up for us. It has been an excellent experience.”

So excellent, in fact, that Ci Gusta is now buying all of its freezers and display cabinets from Al Halabi because, in the words of Mr. Alessandro: “They have proven themselves to be the best in the industry; reliable, quick, and with good prices.”

b3 Last ParagraphSo, gelato or ice-cream? Well, in an area saturated with great cuisine, such as Florence, Bologna or Dubai, it is seldom worthwhile to settle for the adequate when the sublime lurks around the next corner. So the answer is most definitely gelato (preferably made by Ci Gusta); there’s a big choice of flavours, and above all the quality is really amazing. Magnifico!

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