Catering Kitchen Requirement ‘Safer Food, Better Business’

Main PhotoWhen you are setting up a catering business, it is a good opportunity to introduce ways of working that will help you ensure good hygiene right from the start. Inspectors from Dubai Municipality will inspect your premises to make sure you are following the correct rules and regulations, so having everything in place for a safe, healthy and profitable business before they arrive is just good sense. Here, we share eight main points on how to meet all formal requirements.
1. The total area of business shall not be less than 1000ft2, with the kitchen 50% of the total floor space, whichever is bigger. In the dried and cold stores, floors, walls and ceilings must be constructed of a smooth material that is easy to clean and non-absorbent to water, fire resistant, of light colour, non-toxic, and free of cracks.
Point #2
2. There must be an initial washing and disinfecting area, with a special door for receiving food items away from the main entrance. There should also be separate areas for preparing vegetables, meat and fish, with each one requiring a double-bowl stainless steel sink.
3. Every food item must be stored at a suitable temperature; room temperature or chilled at not more than 4˚C, and frozen not less than -18˚C. In addition, a separate refrigerator must be supplied with a thermometer, with temperatures for chilled fresh meat (0 – 5˚C) and frozen meat (-18˚C) adhered to at all times.
4. The business must be provided with stainless steel, plastic or reinforced aluminium pallets and shelves for keeping food items.
Point # 5
5. There has to be an isolated area for sorting, washing and soaking food ingredients, such as rice in water.
6. The cooking area must be isolated from the washing area and shall be supplied with stainless steel tables.
7. The cooking area must be provided with a chimney fixed above it that shall be two-metres higher than the nearest building (this requires approval from the Environment Department), and a separate area for packing the prepared food.
Last Point
8. An electric heating device, such as a Bain Marie, must be provided in order to keep cooked foods hot (over 65˚C).

There must also be suitable lighting and ventilation, a dedicated place to collect waste, stainless steel racks for drying and keeping utensils, and an area allocated solely for the packing of dry food items. Catering businesses, of course, do not have to use any one particular ‘model’, but they must make sure they have food safety management procedures that are suitable for their business. To obtain further guidance and information, contact Al Halabi Kitchen Equipment on the following number 009714-2652002.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment

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