Caplain Machines

Caplain_logoManufacturer of equipments for catering, pizzerias, bakeries, pastry stores…

Since 1947, CAPLAIN produces a wide range of machines for the use of professionals in this field.


We impose on our product manufacturing a very high quality assurance policy. As well as for the After-sales service, to which we grant a scrupulous importance, allowing us to manage our “Zero defect” successfully.


Quality, reliability and experience are the key words in the conception of CAPLAIN machines.


Since 2001, we offer “CONCEPTS” or complete “turnkey” solutions, a full layout of bakeries and laboratories, intended for professional use.


International leader in the manufacturing of dough sheeters since 65 years, we are currently present in more than 90 countries all over the world; our seriousness is not to be proven any more.


“by al Halabi Ref & Kitchen Equiment


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