‘Cafe Serves up a Slice of Community Living’

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One of the best things about Mellow Yellow is that it’s friendly, affordable and accessible; a true community cafe. For as well as great food and drink, its hosts regular events and activities, working with local, schools, hospitals and clubs.

Second Paragraph“We are a real community at Mellow Yellow,” says Mr. Bryan. “For instance, we organise a number of field trips for local schools, allowing children to learn all sorts of things about the food they eat. It’s fun too. They can create their own cupcakes or make their own pizza.”

Recently celebrating its first anniversary, Mellow Yellow has been trying out a number of new concepts and ideas, and the local residents in Mirdiff, Dubai, have responded by making it one of the most popular and talked about venues in the area.

Forth PAragraphThe first year, however, has not been without its fair share of challenges, as Mr. Bryan explains: “The initial design of the kitchen was not good, and we had to make a number of changes. We cannot hold Al Halabi responsible for these early problems though, as they were not involved with the design, and they did help us to put the situation right. Also, all of the kitchen equipment supplied by Al Halabi has performed admirably; we are very pleased.”

Fifth ParagraphOf course, the first year of any business is always a challenge, but Mellow Yellow, with its ability to bring people together, is now looking to the future with genuine optimism. Indeed, there are already plans afoot to open a second cafe which, like the first, will not be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill catering establishment. For at Mellow Yellow you will find a slice of community living as well as a slice of delicious cake!

Last ParagraphMellow Yellow is designed with simple, modern comfort in mind and provides a relaxing environment to eat and chat. Its services and relaxed atmosphere are enjoyed by men and woman, babies and teenagers, old and young from all nationalities and backgrounds – come and join them!

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