BREMA ‘Turning Your Ice Green’

Main PhotoCompany anniversaries can be tricky things to celebrate, particularly if you are a manufacturer. “What on earth can we say?” is a fairly frequent comment from business owners and directors. “It’s only an anniversary.” Well, BREMA Ice Makers has come up with a rather novel way to celebrate its 30th anniversary – it’s going to save the world … or at least play its part in conserving water and energy, two of the biggest challenges we have in the world today.

“We decided to invest heavily in technology in order to reduce the water footprint impact,” explains Alessandro Maroli, Commercial Director of BREMA Ice Makers, “and the result is Pebbles Ice.”

Third ParagraphThe TM series of BREMA machines, using just one litre of water, can produce one kilogram of Pebbles Ice, saving up to 50% of water compared to other ice cube makers. “The main difference is its shape, a compromise between the cube and granular ice, with a low consumption, both electrical and with regards to water,” says Alessandro.

It’s a great solution for a wide variety of requirements throughout the day, from breakfast (cheese, fruits and yogurt), midmorning (fruit juices and beverages), lunch and dinner (crustaceans, fish and salads) through to ‘Happy Hour’ (appetisers) and throughout the evening in bars and discos (cocktails and other drinks).

Pebbles Ice is the ideal solution for international cities such as Dubai, where presentation and aesthetics are so important. And BREMA Ice Makers is delighted that in this part of the world it partners with Al Halabi, with Alessandro saying: “Al Halabi is part of the family; they have been very good to me, to BREMA, and have worked incredibly hard to represent us within the Gulf region. We have a great relationship and hope to continue to work with them for many more years to come.”

Those “many more years” will no doubt include a number of new innovations and products. In fact, BREMA Ice Makers has a new product that will be launched in around six months time, but unfortunately Alessandro says “I can’t tell you about it … yet.” 

Last ParagraphFor now, though, we would advise all cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and other catering outlets in the region to take a look at Pebbles Ice which, using less water and energy, will ensure that your drink of choice is ‘green’ at all times – even if it’s a strawberry smoothie!

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment

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