Brema ‘It’s Not Just Ice’

Bearing in mind that it is merely frozen water, ice is deceptively complicated. A bartender, for instance, has to learn that if ice is too big, it will not chill the drink quickly enough; if it is too small it will dissolve too rapidly and water it down – the right quantity and proportion is crucial for mixing a successful drink. Ice not only chills drinks: as it melts or is shaken it becomes a part of the mix, and for that reason it deserves our personal attention. Ice can, quite literally, make or break a business, so it is no surprise that Milan-based Brema Ice Makers has become the supplier of choice for discerning companies throughout the world. For this internationally-renowned family firm produces ice-making machines that provide a whole new dimension to the food and beverage industry.

Designing and manufacturing machines to the highest standards, Brema Ice Makers is committed to researching and developing the very latest products and technology, as company director Mr. Allessandro Maroli explains: “We have a vision, and we focus on that vision 24/7. We keep products simple and differentiate ourselves by concentrating on the end product. In other words, although we design and manufacture ice-making machines, we realise that our customers are much more interested in the quality of the ice rather than the mechanism through which it is produced.”

Supplying everyone from hotels, restaurants and bars through to the food and pharmaceutical industries, Brema Ice Makers offers a broad portfolio of ice-making machines, includingthose for ice cubes, ice fingers, ice flakes, fast ice, and pebbles ice, the latter of which is becoming increasingly popular. “Pebbles ice is characterised by its shape – a compromise between the cube and granular ice – and is perfect for a whole range of applications, including cocktails, smoothies, and any kind of food display. It really is a multi-purpose solution, whilst also saving on both on energy and water,” says Mr. Maroli.

The company has enjoyed tremendous success in the Gulf region over the past 15 to 20 years, fuelled by its ability to create the most advanced machines on the market. “We always look to follow the latest trends, understanding, for example, that there is no longer such a thing as ‘fast food’, it is now ‘fast fine food’, and we evolve to meet these new demands and requirements,” Mr. Maroli continues. “And our success in the Gulf region has been helped enormously through our relationship with Al Halabi; they are a perfect partner, know what to do, and are always reaching out to new markets. They are lovely people to deal with, too.”

Providing critically acclaimed performance and a comfortable fit for any budget, Brema Ice Makers are innovators not imitators – and that makes all the difference!

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment


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