BRAS Machines ‘Cold Drinks for a Hot Day!’

Main PhotoContrary to popular belief, it IS possible to cool down during the hot summer heat without blasting the AC, and with summer fast approaching and temperatures rising, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars will be looking to offer an exciting range of cold drinks that have their customers screaming for more.

Second ParagraphOne of the leading suppliers of cold drinks dispensers and slush machines in the Middle East and Africa is Al Halabi; but exactly how good is the equipment that it offers, for in the sweltering summer heat performance and reliability are paramount. We asked Bras Internazionale’s Mr. Alessandro Visconti, who responded: “I know for a fact that Al Halabi cold drinks dispensers and slush machines are some of the best you will find anywhere in the world … because we manufacture them!”

Third ParagraphBras first began to design and manufacture cold drinks dispensers in the mid 1960s, just south of Milan in Italy, and have been exporting to the Middle East region for around 35 years, enjoying a very fruitful relationship with Al Halabi for the past nine years. Alessandro explains: “We have an excellent relationship with Al Halabi, one built upon mutual understanding and trust. We provide them with both cold drink dispensers and frozen drink dispensers (slush), which are ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other discerning caterers who want to keep their customers cool and hydrated.”

There is no doubt that hot days call for frosty sips, and when you prefer something fruity and refreshing these high quality drinks dispensers are just the ticket. Need a little zest in your life? Why not try an iced lemonade. Or perhaps you desire something truly ice cold? Well, go straight for a slush beverage and indulge.

Last ParagraphBras has always been ‘ahead of the curve’ in the design and manufacture of drinks dispensers and is always working on new concepts and ideas, including at the present time a very small slush machine (8-10 litre capacity), which will be available to Middle Eastern customers in the not too distance future, for as Alessandro concludes: “We value our partnership with Al Halabi very highly, and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”

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