Bait Maryam ‘Because There’s No Place Like Home’

Plenty of restaurants say they want guests to feel that they’re at home. But few use their interior design to impart that feeling quite as well as Bait Maryam; it’s like walking into someone’s house – someone you know very well – and you immediately feel that everything is going to turn out quite wonderfully.

Greeted by a genuinely friendly smile and a welcome drink, it’s one of those places you can go and it’s like you’re going to mom’s house. “We didn’t just want people to feel that they were guests in someone’s home,” explains Nada Darraj, General Manager of the restaurant, “we wanted them to feel part of the family. In Arabic, ‘Bait’ means ‘home’ and Maryam is my grandmother, so in English the name of the restaurant would be translated as ‘Grandmother’s House’. This is the level of hospitality we are striving for.”

They are succeeding, too. Bait Maryam may only have been open for a few weeks, but it has rapidly become a favourite with many discerning diners. “We have a number of people who come every day,” says Nada. “Lots of people live on their own in Dubai, so we like to treat everyone like family … and mom’s (the chef) cooking is on another level!”

This not merely family loyalty talking either; the menu feels personal, reminding one of relaxed, light-handed food that is enjoyed in homes across the Levant every day. As a result, what comes out of the kitchen looks attractive, but it’s not pretentious. Indeed, the menu is exceptional, with dishes from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and other countries in the region.

“This is our first restaurant, and it won’t be our last!” exclaims Nada. “This is a completely new concept in Dubai and we are already looking at opening a second restaurant. And when we do we will once again ask Al Halabi to design, supply and install the kitchen. I have only one word to say about them – “Amazing!”

So many restaurants these days seem almost identical: no-one would notice if they traded menu items, light fixtures, or even chefs. That’s certainly not true at Bait Maryam (which can be found at Lake City Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers), because there they have a genuine passion for food and hospitality. Of the countless reasons people have for opening a restaurant, the craving to serve something they themselves want to eat and drink is one of the finest.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment


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