Alphatech Ovens ‘A Few More Kitchen Secrets Than Most!’

Main Photo copyItaly is as famous for its food as it is for its colossal artistic and historical heritage: in fact, food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture, so it should come as no surprise that some of the finest commercial kitchen equipment is designed and manufactured in Bella Italia! And one of its most innovative and respected manufacturers is Alphatech, a member of the Ali Group, which offers a complete range of specialist ovens and essential accessories for the gastronomy, pastry and bakery markets.

“In recent years, we have been concentrating on the production of appliances that have been designed primarily for small volumes,” explains Alphatech’s Area Sales Director Nicola Sabbion, “but we have now expanded to produce a range of products called Gastrosteam-Gastromix, which has allowed us to start serving clients working on big projects.”

Third ParagraphGastrosteam-Gastromix advanced technology allows the chef to express his creativity to the full and with the greatest of ease, giving him the freedom to experiment with new culinary creations. At the same time, it offers modern caterers a genuine advantage because every single function on the ovens is designed to boost productivity and, ultimately, quality.

Forth ParagraphAlphatech has been active in the Middle East for several years, with the region today being one of the fastest growing markets for the company. This growth is now being fuelled by a relatively new relationship with Al Halabi, as Nicola explains: “The partnership with Al Halabi is quite recent, but it has quickly become very important to Alphatech for a number of reasons: Al Halabi is a manufacturer, for instance, so they understand better the quality of our ovens and what we can supply to them. They are one of the region’s leading players in the commercial kitchen arena, so it is a relationship we are very happy with.”

Alphatech’s ovens are used mainly in projects where specific requirements have to be met. “We have a very large range now, and are one of the few manufacturers that can supply all sizes of unit, from small to large,” says Nicola. “Also, we never compromise on quality; our ovens are renowned for their reliability and excellent build.”

And of course, they are Italian so they look fabulous too!

“We will continue to invest more and more in the Middle East, since we believe it is a region where we can continue to expand our sales, and are looking forward to developing our relationship with Al Halabi even further,” Nicola concludes.

LAST ParagraphEveryone has their secrets in the kitchen; Alphatech customers just have a few more of them.

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