Al Hamidieh Restaurant ‘Authentic Syrian Cuisine in Dubai

Main Photo Amidst the gleaming towers and modern ambience of the Burj Khalifa Boulevard area in Downtown Dubai you will find a slice of the oldest continually inhabited capital city in the world, Damascus. In fact, boasting an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa itself, the Al Hamidieh restaurant offers the finest Syrian cuisine in Dubai, in an environment that simply takes your breath away.

Al Hamidieh, one of the oldest souqs in Syria, is located within the old city of Damascus next to the Citadel, and was created under the Ottoman Sultan Abd Al Hamid, from which it takes its name. Al Hamidieh in Dubai embraces this traditional heritage with a contemporary feel that utilises limestone, oak doors and a variety of sumptuous fabrics, reflecting the old materials of an ancient bazaar in the heart of one of the fast-moving and most modern cities in the world.

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“It is very authentic,” says CEO Mr. Muhammad Hamwia, “and has proven very popular. Business has been extremely good since we first opened the doors in December 2014, and we’re already planning our third restaurant.”

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Syrian cuisine is one of the oldest cooking traditions in the world, and it reflects the Syrian culture of hospitality and generosity. “We have 280 covers, several of the finest chefs in the Middle East and an extensive menu that includes a number of highly popular signature dishes. We’re open from 9.00am in the morning to 2.00am the following morning, so whether its breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper or any other time of day, you get a big welcome at Al Hamidieh. If you want to visit old Damascus in Dubai come and see us!” exclaims Mr. Hamwia.

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And with part of the restaurant inspired by the alleys of old Damascus, you really do get a feel of the heritage and culture of a bygone age, whilst enjoying the breadth of the deeply aromatic Syrian cuisine, including appetisers, main dishes and sweets.

Of course, it took a lot of expertise to put this stunning restaurant together, and in the kitchen that meant just one company – Al Halabi. “They did the entire kitchen,” explains Mr. Hamwia, “and were excellent in every aspect. Al Halabi listened closely to what we had to say and were very responsive. We shall certainly use them in the future.”

By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment


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