Al Halabi Kitchen Ovens ‘Choosing the Right Oven’

No matter what the style of kitchen, the general rule is that the larger the operation, the more services and factors have to be considered.  The ability of the staff using the equipment also has to be taken into account, as do the requirements of the menu. It is important to make sure that the flow of the kitchen equipment suits the manner of service too, with fast-cook apparatus such as fryers and griddles nearest to the point of service and high-volume cooking equipment such as boiling pans and convection ovens further away.

Then there is the question of which types of oven you require, as different cuisines – such as Arabic, Iranian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian – require different solutions, as do businesses like bakeries. So as well as electricgas and dual fuel ranges, there are specialist ovens that can work for a variety of needs and requirements.

At Al Halabi we offer design, supply, manufacture, installation and maintenance services throughout the Middle East and Africa, with the experience and expertise to take on any challenge. For places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar, for instance, we supply ovens specifically designed for the region, such as the mandi oven, which cooks lamb or other large quantities of food (up to six times the volume of a traditional oven) in double-quick time. We also offer fully automatic Lebanese bread ovens, tandoori ovens, pizza ovens, and other specialist kitchen equipment designed for individual national cuisines. More broadly, we offer restaurants, cafes, hotels and other catering establishments world-class ovens from leading international manufacturers, primarily from France and Italy, including low-pressure gas ovens, high-pressure gas ovens, electric ovens, combi ovens, baking ovens, rotary ovens, and microwave ovens.

At Al Halabi we listen to managers who call for reliable, high quality kitchen equipment, we listen to chefs who require ovens specifically for their needs, we listen to owners who need to get the most out of limited space, and we listen to existing customers who want our guidance in other aspects of their business. So you can be sure that when it comes to finding out precisely what you need, we’re all ears.

In fact, we most likely have the perfect oven for your business, and if we don’t we’ll manufacture a bespoke solution for you!


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