‘Advice and Tips for the Bakery Sector’

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Any workplace has inherent hazards; threats to the health and safety of staff or customers. And bakeries, which are full of ingredients and contain hot ovens, have more than their fair share. It is with this in mind that Dubai Municipality has highlighted the following requirements, which will ensure that bakeries follow international standards of food safety.

The area of the bakery shall not be less than 300ft2, with the kitchen being 40% of the total floor space, whichever is bigger.

2. Storage and preparation shall be provided with a store for keeping the dried, chilled and frozen food items supplied with stainless steel pallets and shelves.

3. There must be a stainless steel sieve or a metallic screen to clean the flour, a stainless steel electric mixer, and an ice-producing machine.

4. Plastic containers with covers are required for keeping flour and dried food items after opening the bags.
Fifth Point
5. A double-bowl stainless steel sink and stainless steel table for preparing fruits and vegetables, and a single-bowl stainless steel sink and table for preparing meat are required.
6. There must be a stainless steel hand-wash basin supplied with hot/cold water, liquid soap and tissue papers.
7. A cooking area with chimney fixed above it must be provided, and the chimney must be two-metres higher than the nearest building. One Tandoor oven is permitted in the cooking area; if a second is needed an additional 80ft2 must be added to the kitchen.

8. An equipment washing area is required with a stainless steel table for receiving used utensils, plus a double-bowl stainless steel sink supplied with hot and cold water. There should also be a single-bowl stainless steel sink suitable for washing large utensils.

9. There should be suitable shelves for cooling the products, in addition to a serving area provided with equipment for keeping hot food items, and refrigerators for cold food items.

Second Part of the Article

Points 11-15 specifically target pastry preparation.

10. For pastry preparation, there should also be suitable shelves for keeping the prepared pastries directly from the oven.

11. The area of the pastry preparation unit should not be less than 250ft2, and the area of the kitchen must be 40% of the total, whichever is bigger.
12. There should be a double-bowl stainless steel sink for preparing fruits and vegetables, and a single-bowl stainless steel sink for preparing meat.

13. A stainless steel hand wash basin is required, supplied with hot/cold water, liquid soap and tissue papers.

14. There must be an additional stainless steel table.

15. There should be stainless steel shelves for storing and drying equipment after washing.


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  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com



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