‘A Trio of the World’s Favourite Foods … in One Place’

We all love fine dining, but you don’t always have that kind of time on your hands. Sometimes you need to grab food in a hurry … which can often mean low quality. However, a unique restaurant chain in Bahrain has won a reputation for preparing, cooking and serving magnificent food – fast!

3Lines Fastfood Restaurant is the fastest growing food service chain in Bahrain, specialising in delivering great tasting varieties of Burger, Pasta, and Jacket Potato, topped with a delicious blend of a special and rather mouth-watering sauce.

With its upbeat, modern interiors and fast, friendly customer service, 3Lines is taking the Gulf region by storm, with the company franchising outlets in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as in Bahrain. But it isn’t stopping there. The chain plans to continue expanding across the Middle East, having accrued a host of loyal customers who flock to the restaurants for its juicy burgers, delicious pastas and yummy jacket potatoes, earning 3Lines a top-notch customer satisfaction rating on a number of social media sites.

One of 3Lines main principles is ‘total convenience’, making the whole concept really simple and incredible value-for-money. Fast food restaurants may be visible on every street corner, but 3Lines definitely has a unique offering, as well as a commitment to quality across all aspects of the business and a strong work ethic. There is one other aspect to the company’s success though, Al Halabi, the design, supply, installation and maintenance team behind 3Lines continuing success.

Al Halabi is the only supplier we have ever dealt with when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment,” explains Mr. Mohd Al Kaabi, the founder and owner of 3Lines. “We have been working with Al Halabi from the very beginning back in 2009, and are very glad we have done so. They are always very professional and nothing is too much trouble; for every challenge it appears that Al Halabi has a solution.”

3Lines may be a little different from what you are used to in a fast food restaurant, but in a very good way! But don’t take our word for it, if you haven’t already done so try 3Lines yourself – your taste buds will thank you.

  • By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com



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