‘A Classic American Diner … in Dubai!’

Main PhotoThe Boutique Kitchen first opened its doors for business in Dubai around two years ago with a concept that wasn’t previously available in the emirate – a classic American diner. People soon began flocking to this unique outlet, and thanks to its mouth-watering menu and friendly nature it quickly made many new friends, including a group of people who really knew what good American food was all about … the U.S. Navy!

Yes, Boutique Kitchen, following on from the success of its first outlet in Al Quoz, was approached by USO to open up a branch specifically for the U.S. Navy: they explained that they had tried their food and they loved it, and you don’t get any finer recommendation than that when it comes to American cuisine!

Third ParagraphThe food itself is exceptional, including juicy burgers, Texan Chilli, slow cooked and spiced to perfection, a Philly Steak & Cheese Sandwich, with thinly sliced USDA Rib Eye beef topped with provolone cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes on a sub. And if that’s not enough to get your taste-buds in overdrive, there is so much more to tempt you on Boutique Kitchen’s remarkable menu, with everything cooked to order using only the finest ingredients shipped directly from the U.S., and it’s all wonderful value too.

Forth Paragraph“We have experimented over the years, putting together ingredients in creative ways that simply couldn’t be found elsewhere. Sometimes it’s the addition of a minor twist to a salad that makes it stand out and come together, at other times it’s a major overhaul to a classic recipe. People definitely enjoy our food too. In fact, we are currently looking at opening a third Boutique Kitchen,” says owner Mr. Sal Kahil.

“Our first location didn’t have a sit down area at all,” he continues, “just a 4000ft2 kitchen. We do a lot of delivery, so it was the perfect configuration. Our second location, for the U.S. Navy, does have a number of seats, but the whole operation still basically revolves around a large kitchen that produces the best classic American diner food in Dubai!”

Last ParagraphAnd with this in mind, Mr. Sal is very generous in his praise of one of business’s most valuable partners – Al Halabi. “They have designed, supplied and installed the kitchens in both of our outlets. To be truthful, if you want real quality and service in Dubai, Al Halabi is the only place to go. It’s certainly the only place we’ll go when we open the third Boutique Kitchen!”

· By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment  www.al-halabi.com

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