‘15 Tips for Losing Weight Easily’

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Losing weight doesn’t have to cause anguish and suffering. Integrate the tips and tricks below into your day-to-day routine – and all are wholeheartedly backed by nutritionists – and you’ll be thinner and healthier in no time at all!

1. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, which are low in calories and fat, and high in fibre – three indispensable ingredients for successful weight loss.
2. Don’t fry food. Bake, roast, grill, boil or steam it.
3. Added sugars, such as table sugar, honey and syrups, shouldn’t make up more than 5% of the energy you get from food and drink each day. That’s about 30g a day.
4. Research shows eating breakfast helps you manage your weight.
5. Studies show people who use smaller plates tend to eat smaller portions and are still satisfied.
6. To steer clear of temptation, avoid stocking foods such as chocolate, biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks at home.
7. Use healthier snack options such as fruit, unsalted nuts, unsalted rice cakes, oatcakes, or homemade plain popcorn.

Fibre-rich foods. All these foods are high in insoluble fibre, the portion of plant foods that cannot be digested by the body. Insoluble fibre absorbs water, thereby helping the passage of other foods and waste products through the gut.

8. Foods containing a lot of fibre, such as pasta, brown rice and lentils, can help you to feel full, which is just the thing for losing weight.
9. Some people believe that missing meals will help them to lose weight, but it’s been shown that eating regularly throughout the day helps to burn calories at a faster rate.
10. Diets should be low in fat, particularly saturated fat, which is the main fat in animal products, fried foods, chocolate, cakes and biscuits.
11. People occasionally mistake thirst with hunger. You can end up consuming additional calories when a glass of water is actually what you need.
12. Stay away from crash diets. They may be tempting, but a crash diet eventually leads to rebound weight gain.
13. Eat prior to going shopping. Never shop on an empty stomach.
14. Begin your meal with half a Grapefruit. It’ll make you less ravenous and supply a useful quantity of vitamin C with barely any calories.
15. Don’t put your favourite foods off limits, as this can lead to weight gain because it triggers rebound overeating. As an alternative to completely cutting out your favourite foods, be a tactical shopper. Buy one fresh biscuit instead of a family-size packet, or a small portion of ice-cream instead of a whole tub. When all’s said and done, enjoy your favourite foods, but in moderation.

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By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment www.al-halabi.com


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